University Promotional Materials

At Concordia University, my role as a graphic designer provided a large variety of mediums to design within. Creating event posters, flyers, and social media posts in particular, offered many chances to explore diverse design aesthetics, with each demanding its distinct theme.

Concordia University Wisconsin
Graphic Designer

Miscellaneous Poster Designs

This compilation showcases various promotional and informational posters I've designed for  events and more, each crafted with its own distinctive branding.


Poster Board Map Background

For this project, I revamped a large poster board by designing a map highlighting specific spots, while leaving additional space for posters to be hung on the board. When walking past the poster board I noticed it was easy to glance over, so I knew I needed to focus on creating much more visual appeal than a basic map. Whit this in mind, I developed a multi-layered map with a three-dimensional perspective, accentuating key locations with colorful pins.