RECONVERGE provides educational resources, opportunities, and community in the world of competitive intelligence. Working with a small team, I created a clean site layout focusing on utility and a comprehensive landing page.

Aurora WDC
Web Designer
3 months

Platform for Competitive Intelligence

RECONVERGE embarked on a mission to establish a comprehensive platform dedicated to hosting a diverse array of content within the realm of competitive intelligence. Collaborating within a team comprising myself and two other members, each fulfilling roles in backend site management and project management respectively, we embarked on a journey of iterative development, navigating through multiple sprints to craft our final product.

Problem & Solution

Balancing Depth and Accessibility

Our primary challenge was striking a delicate balance between showcasing the extensive library of content while ensuring seamless navigation for users. Initially, our wireframes embraced a segmented approach, featuring a landing page with select category options leading to more specific content. This strategy aimed to mitigate the risk of overwhelming users with information overload upon their initial visit.

However, a pivotal moment arose when our project manager advocated for a more accessible presentation of content directly from the landing page, above the fold. This led to a shift in perspective, prompting the creation of a wireframe showcasing a card layout similar to the final iteration. Anticipating potential space constraints posed by the inclusion of supplemental copy within each card, I devised a solution by implementing collapsible elements.

Going Forward

Adaptability in Action

Looking ahead, the structure of RECONVERGE remains fluid, mirroring the dynamic nature of the competitive intelligence landscape. Our modular design empowers seamless adaptability, facilitating the addition of new content and resources while upholding a structured framework.