Informational Thrifting Video (2023)

In 2020, I created an engaging video to highlight the advantages of thrifting clothes over buying from fast fashion, which underwent several revisions for clarity. Three years later, recognizing its minor flaws, I enhanced the original's timing, color, and animation quality, but also preserved it to showcase my progress in animation skills.

Animator, Graphic Artist
2 months (2020), 1 week (2023)

Animating Advocacy

My goal for this video project was to create an animated piece that sheds light on a specific cause, aiming to connect with viewers and encourage sharing. Drawing from my passion for thrifting, I crafted a brief, straightforward video explaining the benefits of buying second-hand clothes over new ones.


Style Shift

Initially, I opted for a hand-drawn style with detailed characters. However, as I progressed, I realized it wasn't suitable for the concise video I envisioned and was too time-consuming to animate. So, I switched to a paper cut-out aesthetic, better suited to the project's needs.

Planning of initial style

Revisiting and Improving

Years later, I revisited the video and found areas needing refinement. Leveraging my improved skills, I enhanced timing, color, fluidity, and composition. The updated version not only corrects past issues but also reflects my growth. You can view the original below to see the evolution of my work.

Initial video (2020)