Influencer Merch Design

I crafted unique Y2K-inspired merchandise featuring the word "corn" for Kirsten Titus, a notable TikTok influencer, complete with initial logo concepts and final designs for a sweatshirt and tote bag.

Kirsten Titus
Graphic Designer
2 Weeks

Y2K Style Merch

Prominent TikTok influencer Kirsten Titus, boasting 8.4 million followers, connected with me to craft distinctive Y2K-style logos for her merchandise line. She provided examples of the desired aesthetic and a specific request to incorporate the word "corn". I crafted multiple rough drafts, each infused with unique lettering and styling. From this array of options, Kirsten selected two designs to refine further, which were enhanced with additional elements to finalize the designs.

Unused Initial Drafts

Success & Further Exploration

The merch sold out quickly on Kirsten's platform, surpassing expectations. Pleased with the outcome, Kirsten approached me again to design more items featuring the phrase "i really don’t know" in a similar style, although they weren't ultimately used for merch. These designs are included here for reference.